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SecureQB Cloud integration for QuickBooks ® Desktop Solutions has many features which streamline accounting procedures, reduce processing costs and enables merchant Credit Card and ACH processing to remain profitable. Whether you are using QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise or QuickBooks Accountant, the integrated plug-in is straight forward and easy to use.

Using real-time matching SecureQB Cloud integrates connects into your Payment Gateway two areas: 1) SecureQB Cloud saves and records the "Flow" of financial data by Transaction-by-Transaction! 2) Save record and financial data from Payment Gateway the "Response File"!

Your Financial Institution with QuickBooks® via Direct Connect Transfer deposit account and OFX and FDX files show a Batch or Daily Deposit. This information is only 2nd Best information!

SecureQB Cloud give you the Best transaction detail information, real-time, with matching error-proof through QuickBooks.

Here are below 3 features. Review all Features and Benefits for SecureQB Cloud.

The Software Settings is One-of-the-Best Benefits! SecureQB Cloud completes a lot of matching through QuickBooks accounting information, real-time! SecureQB Cloud will automatically update information to your Company QuickBooks files and also update SecureQB Cloud via your QuickBooks Company. You don't have to "Open" your QuickBooks Company to use SecureQB Cloud. Additionally, working through SecureQB Cloud can be a Mobile device or other not at your office!

Reduce your transactional Payment fees. SecureQB Cloud will compile the Invoices outstanding for the Customer and Pay the total amount in the next screen "Record Payment Transactions to QuickBooks".

On my, it's also one the Best-of-Benefits, updating QuickBooks Customer information without "Opening QuickBooks". SecureQB Cloud allow Users to update the Processing Details section and Billing Details section "on the fly" to updated information into your QuickBooks Company.

SecureQB Cloud will, real-time, Email to the Customer for the completed transaction, if you desire.

SecureQB Cloud works for Cash, Accrual and Hybrid accounting systems. We also TYPE (CC) or (ACH) payment processing for Credit Cards, Debit Cards and ACH.

In the drop-down selection, we default the "Sales" as a "Credit" via "Cash Basis" into your QuickBooks Company Revenue Account you chose in "Account Settings".

We match integrating, via "Accrual Accounting" by creating "Invoices" for each "Customer" listing in QuickBooks, and scroll-down in the "Customer Job". SecureQB Cloud automatically, real-time, all Customers in QuickBooks.

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